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Editorial nits on draft-daley-ipv6-tsllao-00.txt

Section 2.2:
   Some routers may choose to send a multicast response to devices which
   send Router Solicitations without SLLAOs when they do not have an
   existing neighbour cache entry.  If a router does not understand
   Tentative Source Link-Layer Address Options, it MAY send a multicast
   solicitation in preference to sending Neighbour Solicitation packets

Section 3.2:
   If the advertisement is to be sent to the solicitor's unicast
   address, the node will consult its existing neighbour cache for the
   solicitor's information, and if not present, will undertake neighbour
s/neighbor discovery/address resolution/

Section 3.2:
   Receiving a Tentative Source Link-Layer Address Option, avoids this
   neighbour discovery step, by allowing the host to create or update a
   matching entry, setting it to STALE state if it didn't previously
"update a matching entry" can't be correct, since the TSLLAO can't override
an existing entry.

Section 3.5
   Such nodes MAY send a responding NA message as if it did not
   understand the TSLLAO message.
s/TSLLAO message/TSLLAO option/


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