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WEB Browsing with IPv6

Hi I am trying to connect WEB Server via IPv6
There are 2 machines I configured.
These two are connected via HUb so I am trying to
connect by Link Local Address starting with fe80::
WindowXP Professional + IIS + IE6.0
Linux Fedora + Apache + Mozilla
Win2003 + IIS
From PC1 to PC2
I can sucsessfully ping6 (ping6 fe80::xx:xx:xx:xx%ITF)
From PC2 to PC1
I can sucsessfully ping6 (ping6 -I eth0 fe80::yy:yy:yy:yy)
From IIS on PC1, I cannnot see the WEB page by IE6.0.
I can see it useing IPv4.
By telneting like
telnet fe80::xx:xx:xx:xx%ITF
then I input
GET / HTTP/1.1
I get the response i n HTML string.
From PC2 to PC1, I cannnot use telnet with IPv6
I do not know what command should to use for IPv6 for Linux Fedora
and I would like to know which Brawser&OS combination can see the contents
From PC1 to PC3,
I cannot connect to the port 80n with IPv6.
(Apache can accept the IPv6 and IIS on Win2003 not)
According to the Document, Window2000 accept URL like http://[IPv6]
But for Window2003, WIndowXP cannot do this.
From PC2 to PC1
I edit the HOSTS file and try to connect.
But I cannnot.
Could somebody give me tips?
Thank you
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