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RE: Section 6.1 of draft-ietf-ipngwg-icmp-v3-04.txt


>     3. Requests for new type value assignments from outside of the
>        IETF should be sent to the IETF for review at <iesg@ietf.org>.
>        The general guideline for this review is that the assignment for
>        a single type value should be made if there is public and open
>        documentation of the protocol and if the assignment is not being
>        used to circumvent an existing IETF protocol or work in progress.
>        Requests for the assignment for multiple type values require
>        additional review to insure that multiple type values are essential.

Why did we decide to change the "require IESG approval" text for the 
requests for the assignment for multiple type values to "require
additional review" ?

I am not clear about how this review will work in practical.  So let
say I am an outsider and I wanted some ICMP types, should I send a 
mail to IANA copying iesg@ietf.org (and secretriate) or I send a mail 
to iesg@ietf.org (copying secretriate).  In case of the former, is
IANA going to wait for the IESG to say that it is ok before they
assign these values (this almost is requiring approval) ?  or the 
IANA should just wait for 2 weeks (or whatever time) and if they 
don't hear any objections, they assign the values ?  In case of the 
latter, is IESG going to fwd this request to IANA asking them to assign 
the values ?


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