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Re: Section 6.1 of draft-ietf-ipngwg-icmp-v3-04.txt

> I am not clear about how this review will work in practical.  So let
> say I am an outsider and I wanted some ICMP types, should I send a 
> mail to IANA copying iesg@ietf.org (and secretriate) or I send a mail 
> to iesg@ietf.org (copying secretriate).

IMO, what you should do is write an ID, and take it to the appropriate
WG. If you can't find interest, you probably should drop the idea.

I'm not a fan of allowing the use of ICMP for non IETF-sponsored
efforts. There are lots of other protocols (e.g., UDP) that can just
as easily be used in the vast majority of cases.


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