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Re: Section 6.1 of draft-ietf-ipngwg-icmp-v3-04.txt

On 2004-08-05, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> I've read this since I left the microphone. I stick to my guns -
> the statement "Requests for type value assignments from outside of the
> IETF should be sent to the IETF for review." is too vague and needs to
> be more specific, as in
> "should be addressed to the IPv6 WG if it exists or to the IESG if there
> is no such WG in existence" or something like that.

I was going to ask if it would be appropriate to mention the
Internet Area ADs ... it seems unlikely we'll get rid of the
Internet Area any time soon, and they'd be the intermediate
step between the IPv6 WG and the IESG.

Just a passing thought,


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