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Thank you for your submission to the IPv6 working group.

Since I do not feel that I have anything to contribute to this discussion 
beyond the expertise of the IPv6 WG, I ask that respondents please do not 
CC me on responses; I am sure the IPv6 WG can give appropriate response on 
how such a suggestion needs to be handled in order to be discussed 
seriously in the IETF

(starting with a description that is clear enough to be able to guess the 
impact and possible benefits of the proposal - an internet-draft is a good 
mechanism for submitting such a description.)


--On 10. august 2004 23:04 +0100 Doo Timbir <doo090@yahoo.ie> wrote:

> Dear Harald,
> ......Although IPv6 sufficiently has large space of
> globally unique addresses,stateless address
> configuration mechanism and other innovation providing
> the appropriate basis for large scale introduction of
> Security and Mobility Support into the INTERNET;I feel
> with the insatiable thirst/quest for more data there
> will definitely arise a situation in the not too
> distant future whereby an enhancement of the existing
> data space will be inevitable.
> It is at this juncture that I hereby wish to propose
> an "Enhanced Data for IPv6 Evolution" [EDGE] that will
> cushion the effect in the advent of such a
> situation.This I percieve will give us the challenge
> to contribute meaningfully towards the actualisation
> of this goal.
> Futhermore,it will enlongate the longevity of IPv6 as
> subsequent improvisations could have prefixes like
> "EDGE II","EDGE III"......with the core IPv6 still
> intact.
> Sincerely,
> Doo Timbir.
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