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Re: [Fwd: [Fwd: Re: FWD: FW: General Request for Assignments(status) (osi-nsapa-numbers)]]

Pandey, Arun wrote:

> John/Mickey,
> This is not my domain [ATM, draft-swallow], but if
> draft-swallow-pwe3-spvc-iw-01 "Mapping Addresses" is aligned with the
> ATM Forum specification "IP-Based Addressing Version 1.0", would
> there be a need for a further format other than "IPv6 AESA Compatible
> Format".
> Brian Haberman, Is the republication of section "IPv6 addresses
> inside an NSAPA" of RFC1888 required to contain  all additional
> formats of representing IPV6 inside an NSAPA like: 1. IPv6 AESA
> Compatible Format 2. OSI Directory Format - under works. 3. Others if
> any.

I don't think it would be required, but I think it would be more
useful if it did.

Brian H.

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