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Re: Stateful != M , Stateless != O

Greg - I have one minor disagreement with your explanation:

At 06:17 PM 8/11/2004 +1000, Greg Daley wrote:
>Hi Jinmei,
>JINMEI Tatuya / ???? wrote:
>>>>>>>On Wed, 11 Aug 2004 14:16:03 +1000, Greg Daley 
>>>>>>><greg.daley@eng.monash.edu.au> said:
>It's important to relize though that a host doesn't invoke
>RFC 3736 procedures though.  The host only cares that it wants to
>do an Information-Request.  3736 is an implementation hint for
>DHCPv6 servers and relays, not hosts.

RFC 3736 doesn't describe procedures or a distinct protocol, per se.  It is
intended to describe that part of the protocol that a server or a host must
implement if all it intends to support is the Information-Request message

After reading this thread, I am leaning toward favoring the use of the
message exchanges (or some defined shorthand) rather than "RFC 3315" and
"RFC 3736" to describe the alternatives.

- Ralph

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