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Re: [2462bis issue 597] multicast/MLD reference issues

On 19 Aug 2004 at 17:14, B wrote:

> Your suggestion looks basically fine, but I want to check one minor
> point:
> > Note that when a node joins a multicast address, it typically sends a
> > Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) report message [RFC2710] for the multicast
> > address. In the case of Duplicate Address Detection the MLD report message is
> > required in order to inform MLD-snooping switches, rather than routers, to
> > forward the multicast addresses.
> Do you really mean "forward the multicast addresses"?  I'd say, e.g.,
> "to forward packets to the multicast address".

No, I don't :) How about this:

..., to forward packets containing the multicast address to the node.

Or simply:

.., to forward multicast packets.

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