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[psg.com #596] definition of "multicast-capable"

Proposed resolution:

- replace "multicast interface" with "multicast-capable interface" in
  Section 5.1
- modify the definition of "link" in Section 2 a little bit like:

   link - a communication facility or medium over which nodes can
      communicate at the link layer, i.e., the layer immediately below
      IP.  Examples are Ethernets (simple or bridged); PPP links; X.25,
      Frame Relay, or ATM networks; and internet (or higher) layer
      "tunnels", such as tunnels over IPv4 or IPv6 itself.  The links
      on which the protocol used in this document are specified in

(or s/[RFC2461]/[rfc2461bis]/ if and when necessary)

See the following link for more details:

I'm going to close this issue with the proposed resolution.
If anyone of you have an objection, please speak up ASAP.

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