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[psg.com #597] multicast/MLD reference issues

Proposed Resolution:

- add a reference to RFC3810 as well as to RFC2710

- make a small modification to the 5th paragraph of section 5.4.2 to:

   Note that when a node joins a multicast address, it typically sends
   a Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) report message [RFC2710] for
   the multicast address. In the case of Duplicate Address Detection
   the MLD report message is required in order to inform MLD-snooping
   switches, rather than routers, to forward multicast packets.  In
   the above description, the delay for joining the multicast address
   thus means delaying transmission of the corresponding MLD report
   message [RFC2710].  Since [RFC2710] does not request a random delay
   to avoid race conditions, just delaying Neighbor Solicitation would
   cause congestion by the MLD report messages.  The congestion would
   then prevent the MLD-snooping switches from working correctly, and,
   as a result, prevent Duplicate Address Detection from working.  The
   requirement to include the delay for the MLD report in this case
   avoids this scenario.  [RFC3590] specifies which source address
   should be used for the MLD report when no valid local addresses has
   yet been configured.

See the following link and its follow-ups for more details:

I'm going to close the issue with the change.  If anyone of you have
an objection, please speak up ASAP.

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