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Section 5.5.4 of draft-ietf-ipv6-rfc2462bis-05.txt - Echo Request toDeprecated Address

Hi Jinmei,
    Can you clarify me here:
    A snip from    
    IP and higher layers (e.g., TCP, UDP) MUST continue to accept and
   process datagrams destined to a deprecated address as normal since a
   deprecated address is still a valid address for the interface.  In
   the case of TCP, this means TCP SYN segments sent to a deprecated
   address are responded to using the deprecated address as a source
   address in the corresponding SYN-ACK (if the connection would
   otherwise be allowed).
    =====>  What if I have received an echo-request to a deprecated address.
    As per the text I can understand that IPv6 Accepts the packet and gives to ICMPv6.
    However, to send ICMPv6 Echo Reply it uses the deprecated address is used as
    Source Address as per ICMPv6 Source Address Determination.  Eventually,
    ICMPv6 sends out Echo Reply.  Is this an expected behaviour ?
Thank you,
O.L.N. Rao
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