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question about draft-ietf-ipv6-scoping-arch-02.txt

In section 9, we have the following text:

  "Note that even with the decision that unicast site-local addresses
   are deprecated, the above procedure still applies to link-local
   addresses.  Thus, if a router receives a packet with a link-local
   destination address that is not one of the router's own link-local
   addresses on the arrival link, the router is expected to try to
   forward the packet to the destination on that link (subject to
   successful determination of the destination's link-layer address via
   the Neighbor Discovery protocol [9]).  The forwarded packet may be
   transmitted back out the arrival interface, or out any other
   interface attached to the same link."

Where would we have a situation where something like this would be
necessary?  If it's addressing a special case, a reference would 
be useful.


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