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RE: [dhcwg] dhcp6 verndor class option

If there's relay specific information that could be used by a server (or
other relay), there is no reason the relay can't include this in its
Relay-Forw message (and the server return information in the Relay-Reply).

Note that Appendix A, Appearance of Options in Message Types, indicates that
these are valid:

            Status  Rap. User  Vendor Vendor Inter. Recon. Recon.
             Code  Comm. Class Class  Spec.    ID    Msg.  Accept
   R-forw.                 *     *      *      *
   R-repl.                 *     *      *      *

- Bernie

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Subject: [dhcwg] dhcp6 verndor class option

    Can you please clarify  in he RFC 3315 (DHCP6) 

   "Appearance of Options in Message Types" section mentions that the dhcp6
relay should support 
     vendor class option.
    But in the message processing in the "Section 22.16 Vendor Class Option"
does not mention any 
    thing about this for relay . It only mentions about how the client
should process this.

     Can some one please clarify this  what should be done for dhcp6 relay ?


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