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Question on draft-ietf-ipv6-rfc2011-update-10.txt

Hi! I will appreciate if somebody can help me the following questions:

	Q1:The description associated with "ipv4InterfaceIfIndex" implies
	that it is same as the IF-MIB table's  ifIndex of the  _lower
	layer_" interface on which IPv4 is being configured. Is this 
	interpretation correct?

	Q2:A row in the "ipv4InterfaceTable" represents the IPv4 attributes
	associated with a existing layer2/lower_layer interface. Is this 
	interpretation correct?

	    Q2.1 [If Q2 assumption is correct] All the lower layer
	            that are capable of IPv4 will show up in the
		without user intervention. Is this assumption correct ?

	    Q.2.2 [If Q2 assumption is correct] An entry in the
		 _does not_ represent an IPv4 interface, rather a IPv4
capable interface
	 	 is this assumption correct?

	Q3. [If Q1 & Q2 are correct] Why not represent each entry in the 
	"ipv4InterfaceTable" as an IPv4 Interface (with its own index
-shared with MIB-II
	or from its own space), where user explicitly decides to create an
	interface on a specific lower layer interface?



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