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Re: [magma] Re: RC3810: MLD Hop Limit is 1 / random reply time /exclude

On Fri, Oct 01, 2004 at 11:26:58AM +0200, Jeroen Massar wrote:
> > I think that the advantages of source filtering are somewhat less
> > critical with IPv6. I think one of the primary reasons to add source
> > filtering in IGMPv3 was an effort to conserve on Class D addresses
> > used for multicasting in IPv4. It's another scheme to extend the
> > useful life of IPv4.
> One could also have eg a multicast NTP setup (FF0X::101) and using
> source filtering mention that you do not want traffic from certain NTP
> sources, or a specific address which can be used for a video conference
> chat, using the source address for the quality of the stream etc, eg:
> 2001:db8::1 = 1mbit stream, 2001:db8::64 = 64mbit stream, or some
> similar scheme, thus it has some value for IPv6 too, but indeed for IPv4
> it is yet another prolongation.

It's also a means of some DoS mitigation for abritrary one-to-many
multicast applications (in that arbitrary sources can no longer flood
the group-id). To my mind the advantages of source-filtering are equally
critical in IPv6 as in IPv4. Mitigating some address exhaustion is just
a nice benefit.

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