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Re: Adding Per-prefix Knob (WAS Re: comments on draft-ietf-ipv6-privacy-addrs-v2-00.txt)

On Fri, 22 Oct 2004, Suresh Krishnan wrote:
> Hi Pekka/Brian,
> 	This is the text I added to have a per-prefix enable/disable 
> setting. Hope it resolves your issues. 
>   "Additionally, sites might wish to selectively enable or disable the
>    use of temporary addresses for some prefixes.  For example, a site
>    might wish to disable temporary address generation for "Unique local"
>    [ULA] prefixes while still generating temporary addresses for all
>    other global prefixes.  Another site might wish to enable temporary
>    address generation only for the prefixes 2001::/16 and 2002::/16
>    while disabling it for all other prefixes.  To support this behavior,
>    implementations SHOULD provide a way to enable and disable generation
>    of temporary addresses for specific prefix subranges.  This
>    per-prefix setting SHOULD override the global settings on the node
>    with respect to the specified prefix subranges."

This would be OK by me if you added a SHOULD or RECOMMENDED that 
fc00::/7 should be in the 'disable' list by default.

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