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Re: IPv6 WG Document Status

Let me start before the meeting ;-)

On Tue, 2 Nov 2004, Brian Haberman wrote:
    The following URL contains the latest document status for all
IPv6 WG documents.  Please review and provide comments on
the mailing list.  Like San Diego, if issues arise, we can discuss
them during the meeting if needed.


Generic comment: is token really on Margaret w/ all of those AD followup documents?


  Info AD Follow-up Token = Narten (Comments)

Actually, the token is not on Thomas AFAIR. At the last meeting, there was a call who would step up and continue editing the document (because itojun had lost energy for it), to revise it to address the comments.

I recall Jinmei volunteered, so unless I'm misremembering and
something has not happened behind the curtains, the token is on him :)



Were there significant issues raised off-list? There were no on-list comments warranting revision, at least..


draft-thaler-ipv6-ndproxy-03.txt Info Ready for WG Last Call?

Should this read 'Ready for adopting as WG item?'

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