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RE: Last call comments for draft-ipngwg-icmp-v3-05


Responses inline..

> => I see that the renumbering might be a nuisance.. 
> i still think the section would be clearer reordered.
> i would be happy to divide 2.1 into three 3rd level 
> sections as suggested (ie 2.1.1, ...)

But won't that create inconsistency within the document?
People will be wondering about why this section was 
broken into the 3rd level?  Currently, we don't have 
any section with 3rd level of sub-sections.

> The spec already mentions policy in connection with 
> error messages so we can't totally punt on the 'out 
> of scope' grounds;-).  Is an implementation of ICMP 
> that (for example) doesn't generate Echo Responses 
> when it receives Echo Requests under some 
> circumstances compliant with the standard or not?
> There is a 'MUST' in 4.1.  Or are we relying on 
> statements elsewhere that the packets can be filtered 
> (and so we need not generate them in the first place) 
> - like node requirements (although this says nothing 
> about ACLs and filtering at present)?

Policy (ACL or filters) can be used to drop "any" packets.
IMHO, if we start adding disclaimers about the ACLs or 
filters, a disclaimer will be needed in almost every spec.

Please propose the specific modification (text and 
location) and then we can have a consensus call about if
we need to add it in the draft or not.

> Echoing the wording in 3.1...
> "Codes 1 and 2 are more informative subsets of Code 0."

Ok if this makes it clearer, I will add this to the next rev.

> Ok - forget the hypothetical futures.  But 'IPv6 options' 
> is not actually *terminology* called out in RFC2460 although 
> it is defined there (maybe it ought to have been).  I think 
> putting a ref to RFC2460 (and maybe the section) in at least 
> one of the three places (2.4 (e.3), 3.4, 5.2 (5))where
> 'IPv6 option' is mentioned would be helpful.

Ok I will add a reference tag to make it clearer.


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