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At 02:49 PM 11/11/2004, Tony Hain wrote:
During a bar discussion very late last night an issue was raised about lack
of clarity, but I am sure we need to put more thought into the remedy than I
will suggest. In any case, the issue is that by leaving the filtering action
as an operational topic we invite restraint of trade complaints. Basically
nobody is in the position to tell someone else that they Must/Should filter
FC00::/7 without the lawyers circling. The current text tries to cover the
case, but leaves it unclear if the action is operational or vendor
implementation. Given how tired I am, I am sure I am not doing much better

Based on an IESG discuss comment, the next version will move the operational related sections into one section titled "operational guidelines". I think this will help make it clear these are recommendations/suggestions as to avoid the situation where we are telling the operators what to do. The choice of lowercase must/should was deliberate as well.

Proposed remedy: change the third paragraph of 4.0
'Any router that is used between sites must be configured to filter out any
incoming or outgoing Local IPv6 unicast routes. The exception to this is if
specific /48 or longer IPv6 local unicast routes have been configured to
allow for inter-site communication.'

replace with:
'The behavior of exterior routing protocol sessions between administrative
routing regions MUST be to ignore receipt of and not advertise the FC00::/7
prefix. A network operator MAY specifically configure prefixes longer than
FC00::/7 for inter-site communication.'

These changes are fine with me (except changing MUST to lower case) and I agree that they help clarify the issue being raised on Nanog and Arin lists.


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