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Pekka Savola wrote:
> So, are you requiring that BGP will have to have a configuration knob
> to to special-case fc00::/7? (This cannot be done using the typical
> route-map/policy statements, because it has to be on by default and
> not interfere with the operators configuring their own policy.)

The point would be to allow operators to express whatever policy they want
to, but they would have to explicitly configure something to override the
default black hole. The goal is not to make it difficult for people to do
the right thing, at the same time avoid having clueless operators announcing
these prefixes. By putting the requirement on the vendors we avoid telling
operators how to run their networks.

> Has this been reviewed by the idr working group?

No. It doesn't make sense to go there unless we agree on what the goal is.


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