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On Fri, 12 Nov 2004, Bob Hinden wrote:
So, are you requiring that BGP will have to have a configuration knob to to special-case fc00::/7? (This cannot be done using the typical route-map/policy statements, because it has to be on by default and not interfere with the operators configuring their own policy.)

Not exactly. The intent is to suggest that border routers be configured to do this. We are not requiring knobs or special case code for this.

This is slightly different than what Tony is proposing, but let me state the problems I see with both:

1) operator configuration: many operators probably won't do that unless they have set up filters (many have, from 6bone times) to weed out unexpected prefixes.

2) vendor code: the only way to implement this in the sane manner would be having a 'allow-ula' -like knob for BGP. You cannot configure this in the policies, because either a) the operator forgets about ULAs when writing the policy, or b) the policy does not exist and it isn't applied.

So both would appear to have their problems, but 1) might be slightly better, especially if GROW WG would produce a BCP or some other document giving guidance on filtering.

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