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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-fenner-literal-zone-00.txt

I've added the following pieces to the draft to try to capture the
conversation so far.

[at the end of section 2.1:]
   o  Use '%' in the URI
         +  "%" is the same character.
         +  Can copy and paste between forms.
         +  '%' is fundamentally special in URIs; parsers can be
            expected to be hard-wired to know that they start a
            percent-encoded octet.
         +  IPvFuture ABNF doesn't permit bare percent.
         +  Impossible to ensure that this exception to a fundamental
            URI rule would be handled properly by parsers.

[new section:]
3.  Limitations

   The usefulness of a URI or IRI using a literal scoped address is
   obviously limited to systems within the same scope.  The addition of
   the zone identifier further limits the usefulness to the system on
   which the URI or IRI was generated, since zone IDs are completely
   local to a given host.  Therefore, care must be taken to not pass
   these URIs between systems.


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