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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-ipv6-unique-local-addr-08.txt

Thus spake "Brian E Carpenter" <brc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Scott Bradner wrote:
Brian sez:
Bill, you could do that if the prefixes are *routed* but that is
not going to be the case if the ULA spec is followed, except for
private routing arrangements. Since the spec says they MUST NOT
be globally routed,

imo - much wishful thinking

My point is simply that what we say about DNS should be compatible with what we say about routing.

I think we must consider how little influence any RFC has on operational behavior, as opposed to the much greater influence they have on implementations.

IMHO, the best we can say is ULAs SHOULD NOT be returned in DNS responses to hosts that cannot reach those addresses and then give some guidelines on how to do this correctly in practice.

also imo - this whole idea is a clear and present danger to the Internet
(assuming that IPv6 gets general deployment)

I disagree. The risk of these non-aggregatable prefixes appearing in the default-free BGP4 table in exchange for lots of money is the same as the risk of *any* longer prefix from PA space doing so. The danger exists as long as rich enterprises are willing to pay for routeability. There are other things we are doing (renumbering procedures, multi6, the NAP draft) to try and deflect this danger, but ULAs don't increase it.

I'll note that ARIN is, at this very moment, debating whether to allow PI assignments directly to end sites; if that proposal is approved, they will pay only $100/yr for a prefix that any ISP can be reasonably expected to accept. The costs, in both time and effort, of getting every relevant ISP in the world to accept PA or ULA routes will be significantly higher.


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