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RE: Review request: draft-huston-ip6-iana-registry-01.txt

At 06:00 AM 16/12/2004, Christian Huitema wrote:
> The chairs would like to make everyone aware of the following draft:
> draft-huston-ip6-iana-registry-01.txt

> The draft sets forth some proposals for updating the IANA registry
> for IPv6 addresses.  Currently, the registry does not align with
> the existing IPv4 address registry or RFC 3513.  The authors request
> community review and comments.

Minor comment: it would be nice if the first table used a notation like
"0000::/8", "0800::/6" instead of the abbreviated notation (0::/8). This
would make the map easier to grasp.

thanks for this - I'll make this alteration in the next version of the draft.

Major comment: I can foresee several occasions where the IETF will want
to allocate an unicast address prefix for a specific purpose. Some are
fairly large event, allocating a large block, e.g. a /16 for 6to4, a /7
for ULA. The current registry management is adequate for these large
allocations. But
some are very small events, allocating a /32 (e.g. for Teredo) or maybe
a /48 (e.g. for various special services). Which part of the registry
will we use for these small allocations? What is the procedure?

This particular draft does not look at the allocation procedures per se - but the intent of the draft would be to ensure that all IANA allocations are recorded in a uniform fashion in the registry in a format that is both clear and machine parseble.


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