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Question on Default Address Selection



I ran into a scenario where I was using 6to4 on a XP machine and it preferred the IPv4 address (A) over IPv6 AAAA record for communication with sites that had both AAAA and A. I thought IPv6 was always supposed to be preferred over IPv4 when you have a valid global address.

When I connect with a tunnel broker (freenet6) it prefers the AAAA over the A. I?m hoping someone can help me further understand this. I did do some research by reading RFC 3484, but I don?t understand how to interrupt the below Prefix precedence list


Would someone please help me untangle how to interpret the below prefixes? I read in RFC 3484 that ::FFFF:0:0/96 means native IPv4, but I don?t know how they derived that from ::FFFF:0:0/96







Precedence  Label  Prefix
----------  -----  --------------------------------
         5  p;    5  3ffe:831f::/32
        10      4  ::ffff:0:0/96
        20      3  ::/96
        30      2  2002::/16
        40      1  ::/0
        50      0  ::1/128


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