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Re: Solicited Node Multicast Address question


On Tue, Dec 21, 2004 at 01:20:00PM +0530, Nilesh Simaria wrote:

> Solicited Node Multicast addresses are using last 24bits of MAC address. 
> Assume in a  given link, if there exists few nodes with
> unique MAC addresses (but same last 24 bits). In this case both all will 
> be listening to same Solicited Node Multicast Address.
> Won't it create a problem in normal IPv6 neighbour discovery process ?  

No, because they're still supposed to look inside the solicitation
packet at the "target address" field to find out which node's address
is requested, and only reply if it's their own address.

Using multicast is an optimization over IPv4's ARP: most nodes
on a big network won't ever see the neighbour discovery packet, while
with IPv4's ARP (which is broadcasted) all have to do the comparison.

I very much hope your employer's equipment does compare the target


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