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RE: I-D ACTION:draft-huston-ip6-iana-registry-01.txt

At 07:30 PM 16/12/2004, Jeroen Massar wrote:
Geoff, what is your opinion on asking IANA to publish this prefix list
through their whois interface (whois.iana.net) which currently does
serve some domains like .int.

This would be useful for redirection purposes to the correct RIR or
simply finding out the RFC to which space this belongs to ;)

I'm personally not sure about this Jeroen - I would've thought the RIRs could construct a comprehensive whois service from their own data, if thats what their community wants them to do.

This particular draft is concerned specifically with the text of the two IPv6 address registries, and does not wander into the areas of modes of publication and the manner by which the registry may be queried.



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