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Re: [Linux-ATM-General] Removal of atm_dev->vccs

On Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 08:37:18PM -0000, David C wrote:

||  I have a Conexant ADSL card and I'm currently using Conexant drivers
||  (CnxADSL-TgrATM_k2.4.20-8-1.tar.gz) to make a module for it.  This seems to
||  have to be built outside the kernel source tree but I can live with that.
||  Please bear in mind that my analysis of my problem is rather sloppy, I'm not
||  a C programmer by any stretch of the imagination!
||  With 2.4.22 the module compiled and ran fine, as long as I used gcc-2.95 to
||  compile both module and kernel (this is a problem with the module, not with
||  ATM or the kernel).  I've just upgraded to 2.4.23 today though and the
||  module fails to compile.  The actual error is that a function is being
||  passed a struct of type atm_dev* and then attempting to evaluate whether
||  that object has a vccs pointer before going on to do other things.  However,
||  it seems that the member vccs has been removed from atmdev.h in 2.4.23.
||  In atmdev.h on 2.4.22:
||    struct atm_vcc  *vccs;          /* VCC table (or NULL) */
||  The code:
||    if ( pDev->vccs ) {
||      .. do some stuff ..
||  If I comment out the whole block of code that references atm_dev->vccs the
||  module compiles and runs fine.  However I feel this isn't a viable long term
||  solution as I'm not 100% sure what exactly I am commenting out!  If there
||  were a module or drivers I were aware of that would let me use this card
||  without the Conexant ones I'd happily use them instead.

I have noticed the same.

I plan to look into this, and see if I can translate the ->vccs into
something else, possibly using any other places in the 2.4.23 patch
where ->vccs has been changed.

However, don't hold your breath, I'm using 2.4.21 now (yes, brk
vulnerability and all), and I don't have much spare time. If anyone else
can do this, please go ahead, but let me know if you don't mind.

I'm a clever programmer, but I don't know too much about the atm stuff
in the kernel.

If anyone has some more information on what happened to the ->vccs, I'd
love to know.  Pointers welcome too.  (Yes, I'll check the changelog too.)

Ciao.                                                             Vincent.

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