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Re: [Linux-ATM-General] Removal of atm_dev->vccs

Vincent Zweije wrote:
> I'll try to figure out if the ->vccs actually did anything.

Basically there used to be a linked-list of active vcc's for each ATM
device.  Now there's a single list with all of the vcc's on it instead (for
various reasons)  Basically to loop through all of the entries on the device
you'll need to do something like:

  struct sock *sk;
  struct atm_vcc *vcc;

  for (sk = vcc_sklist; sk != NULL; sk = sk->next) {
    vcc = sk->protinfo.af_atm;
    if (vcc->dev != dev)
      continue;			/* Nope, this VCC on some other device */
    /* Do whatever with "vcc" here */


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