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Diffserv on Linux: version 5

... and now, for a change, some real changes:


For diffs, etc., see also


This is the update to the 2.2.7 kernel and iproute2 version ss990417.
I've also fixed a few minor bugs. (The afcbq fix for non-AF DSCPs needs
some testing and isn't included yet.) Complete list of changes below.

A good place to get iproute2 is
I'll teach my scripts to add links for the kernel and iproute2 later.

- Werner

----------------------------------- CHANGES -----------------------------------

Version 4 to 5 (30-APR-1999)

Bug fixes

 - efcbq script had a few hard-coded references to eth0
 - improved SMP synchronization in cls_tcindex (not sure if I caught
   everything, though)

New features

 - upgraded to the 2.2.7 kernel
 - upgraded to iproute2, version ss990417

Other changes

 - trimmed the kernel patch a little
 - parametrized the efcbq script like afcbq

 / Werner Almesberger, DI-ICA,EPFL,CH   werner.almesberger@lrc.di.epfl.ch /