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Re: kernel panic with linux-2.2.7 and ds-5

Arni Raghu wrote:
> how do u folks get the mesg once the system has crashed..

As long as a message is displayed:
 - write it down, then resolve the addresses (EIP and the call trace) with
   $ gdb wherever/vmlinux
   (gdb) info line *0xc1234567
   (there may be more elegant ways; you typically only need a few
   addresses; if you gave more than one PC, you can start with EIP,
   work down the call trace, and stop when you're leaving the
   "interesting" region)
 - connect another PC/notebook/etc. to the serial port, enable serial
   console echo in the kernel configuration, then capture things there.
   This works even if your clears the screen right after the crash (rare,
   but happens)

- Werner

 / Werner Almesberger, DI-ICA,EPFL,CH   werner.almesberger@lrc.di.epfl.ch /