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Re: kernel panic with linux-2.2.7 and ds-5

I have 4 systems also, and they have the console on serial port.  I have a
separate machine with an 8-port serial card so I can pull up each machine in a
minicom window and it saves all the console messages into the xterm scrollback
buffer and paste it into an editor.

On 05-May-99 Arni Raghu wrote:
>I have the same problem, in fact on all my machines (4)!! I get the mesg
>and then segmentation fault and my system freezes..
>Jamal..I want to try what you have sugested but how do u folks get the
>mesg once the system has crashed..
>jamal wrote:
>> On Tue, 4 May 1999, Scott Wood wrote:
>> [Aiee deleted]
>> It probably has nothing to do with DS; i have done some regression testing
>> on the current one and it seems fine.
>> Do the following:
>> boot with the same kernel
>> try to force the condition that causes the oops
>> cd to your linux-src directory
>> cd scripts/ksymoops
>> make ksymoops
>> ./ksymoops < your_oops_text
>> and post the output.
>> cheers,
>> jamal

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