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Re: tcindex classifier in efcbq-4

On Sat, 15 May 1999, Ng Kok Leong wrote:

Wow! that took a long time to get here ;->

> Hi,
> I have tried the edge device and the efcbq-4 scripts
> for DS-5 but the same result is obtained.
> On the machine where efcbq-4 is run, I execute
> tc class show dev eth0 and obtain the following messages:


> In the Howto document from Zhi Fu, the first statement is
> prio 8 instead of prio no-transmit.
> Does it matter? If yes, any solutions???

No harm done. tc is evolving --it means that you cant transmit (if the
packet gets classified as class 2:0).

The only thing i can suspect at this point is your traffic generation.
Have you looked at tcpdump traces and made sure that you are generating
the correct DSCP values? What are you using to generate the traffic?