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IP forwarding and TOS bits ..

Is there any reason why the linux kernel wouldn't forward packets between
interfaces that were marked with a TOS setting?  

My configuration:
(All network numbers start with 192.168)
-------            ---------          --------          ------
Smart |____Fast E__| Linux |__Fast E__| Linux |_Fast E__|Smart|      
Bits  |            | 2.2.7 |          | 2.2.7 |         |Bits |
------             --------           --------          -------
 9.18           9.1        1.2       1.1      0.1         0.19
                eth0       eth1     eth1      eth0        
For DS capabilities, I'm using the AF using CBQ and GRIO, version 4 script
from Werner's page (on interface eth1).

I am generating AF11 (refer to draft linked after the script on the DS
page) UDP traffic from 9.18 destined for 0.19.  The problem is that the
traffic never gets routed from eth0 to eth1.    

If anyone knows a reason for this, I would greatly appreciate some help.  

Thanks in advance,
Michael Stricklen
Research Assistant
Center for Telecommunications Education and Research
University of Alabama at Birmingham

PS - It's not the routing table, we've had it checked by about 8 different
people very knowledgable in routing ....