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Diffserv on Linux: version 6

High time for the next release:


For diffs, etc., see also

This one updates to the 2.2.10 kernel and iproute2 version ss990630. The
main feature in this version is Jamal's ingress policing, which allows to
perform traffic control-style classification and policing as soon as
packets enter the stack.

Also note that many Diffserv-related files are now in the iproute2
distribution. Oh, and there are now a few words on installation in the
README. I've attached the list of changes.

- Werner

----------------------------------- CHANGES -----------------------------------

Version 5 to 6 (7-JUL-1999)

Bug fixes

 - GREP bug giving misleading stats fixed
 - fixes a few other minor bugs in traffic control

New features

 - upgraded to kernel 2.2.10, iproute2 version ss990630
 - added ingress policing/filtering
 - added lots of new example scripts
 - added installation instructions to README

Other changes

 - better GRED statistics
 - changed a few printks from "\n..." or "\n...\n" to "...\n"
 - TC changes are now completely merged into iproute2
 - also the scripts are now distributed with iproute2
 - sch_prio: improved priority map initialization
 - parametrized mkpatch.kernel script
 - mkdiff now knows about .bz2 kernels

 / Werner Almesberger, ICA, EPFL, CH       werner.almesberger@ica.epfl.ch /