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Re: TCP Analysis tools ..

I believe what you need is  Shawn Ostermann's tcptrace;
look it up at:

On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, Michael Stricklen wrote:

> Guys (and gals),
> 	Does anyone know of any TCP/IP analysis tools available that will
> produce such statistics as average packet delay, packet delay variance, or
> packet loss rate ( hmm I wonder where they came up with these names ...
> hehe).  If any of you are familiar with the Adtech ATM testing platform,
> I'm looking for something that will produce statistics at the IP level
> that are similar to the statistics it produces from the ATM data.  It
> seems that a tool like this will be invaluable in evaluating the
> effectiveness of the QoS code in the linux kernel (I know I could really
> use it right now).  The tools I've taken a look at (netperf, ttcp) don't
> really fit the bill.  If someone knows of something out there, please
> forward me a link.  Thanks in advance.
> Michael Stricklen
> Research Assistant
> Center for Telecommunications Education and Research
> University of Alabama at Birmingham