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Re: Ingress-Policy problems

On Fri, 17 Sep 1999, Arni Raghu wrote:

> HI,
> Hmmm..so u have hit the same problem..exactly the same problem..Even I
> have this..in fact it exists on one machine and it does not on the
> other..that makes it more funny...I tried looking at the source..but yet
> to get time to look at it seriously..
> Jamal!!!! Din't I tell u :)

Yes you did. ;->

Could you post the output of gcc -v
as well as what your hardware description (machine, ethernet cards etc) 
and describe the distribution eg (redhat 6.0 with an updated blah blah).
Arni, if you could also do the same for the machine that breaks.
One thing i'd like to sugest is to go the kernel source; make mrproper
and then configure again (but with Arni, this didnt seem to help).