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Re: linux-diffserv and 2.3.x

H Jamal,

> Perter,
> Are you sure these are 2.3 patches? In case you are mistaken, i have attached
> the 2.3 patches for the kernel and iproute. Unfortunately, they havent been
> merged yet. It would be nice if other people would test these patches as well.
> Kernels around 2.3.22 and up to 2.3.25 are broken in a lot of ways. Unless, you
> need some feature in these kernels, i would suggest you downgrade to kernel
> 2.3.21 probably (i had a difficult time with 2.3.20 -- i needed to add the
> append "pci=nobios" to lilo config or it doesnt boot; however, 2.3.20 is a good
> kernel in which these patches came out of).

I am running 2.3.22 with these patches now, and it seems to work fine, both on 
ethernet and ATM.