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Re: versions...

On Fri, 26 Nov 1999, Muneyb Minhazuddin wrote:

> Hi Ricardo,
> > I patched my Linux kernel with ds-6
> > I am trying to use kernel 2.1.12 with iproute-ss991024.
> > Unfortunately, I have found some problems...
> > 
> > As I am new here, can U tell me if it is possible?
> > Seems all people uses kernel 2.1.10 with iproute-ss990630 !!!.
> You should be trying Kernel 2.2.10.

Actually it should also work fine with any 2.2 kernel >= 
to 2.2.10

I think he is probably not reading and following the INSTALL instructions
carefully. Perhaps the first thing we should put up in the INSTALL
intructions is to tell people to get familiar with how to patch things,
and how to compile the kernel since this seems to be causing a lot 
of questions. Maybe it is time we created a FAQ.