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Re: compilation of kernel

> 	* can't open blah/...modules.... version not found....etc..
Once you run 'make modules' the first time, it will create that file
which, if I'm following you right, would be
/lib/modules/2.2.10/modules.dep . Once that file is created, it won't

> 	* eth0 intialization delayed
For some reason, I've noticed that when you 2.2.10, it disables your
network interface drivers support. At least for the 3C59X (Vortex). So
basically, you have to enable support for it when you run 'make
menuconfig' or 'make xconfig'. 

Hope that helps.

-- Umair

-- Umair Hoodbhoy

On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, Dhiman Barman wrote:

> Hi All,
> 	 I have the following problem in compilation.  I have been trying 
> to compile the kernel 2.2.10 after patching it with DiffServ patches.
> Intially I enabled most of the options but the resulting image grew
> too big for the system(even with bzImage). Next I enabled fewer options 
> keeping the Networking and QoS options enabled. But booting in the
> resulting image shows two FAILUREs.
> 	* can't open blah/...modules.... version not found....etc..
> 	* eth0 intialization delayed
> So am I missing some mandatory options here ? 
> Has anyone caught my problem ? Please see to it.
> regards,
> dhiman