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A LONG list of questions

hi all,

I finally have QoS running.
My mistake was that I write :
tc qdisc add dev eth0 cbq bandwidth 10Mbit avpkt 1000
but must write :
tc qdisc add dev eth0 root handle 1: cbq bandwidth 10Mbit avpkt 1000
:"), add this to the FAQ.
OK. It works on RH6.0(2.2.5) & 6.1(2.2.12) but you must add all things in the
kernel not as modules...I've also tested 2.2.10 kernel patched with ds-6. Can
I use ds-6 patch for 2.2.12 will it work ?
Sorry in advance if some of the questions are stupid ... but I've read most
of the docs I found in the Internet and can't still clarify all the things for
me ... 

1. How can I check can I use CPU_SCHED ? PPro and/or Celeron400+ ?
2. How can I decide which QDISC to use ? which is best ?!
How to organize all the stuff ?
My case is :
WirlessLAN-->QoS Server------->ISP Router.
                          |------> SAT download server.
Most of the lines will be from 9600bps to 33600bps.
Any recomendation are welcome ? Especialy welcome are advises that will help
me to make the riight decision, so later not redesigning all setup 'cause I
think also to make some WEB front end ?

3. What is the purpose of estamitor option most important TIME_CONSTANT sub-option
? What values are best ? Why ?
4. What is the corelation between rate & weight ? What values are best ? Why
5. As I see not only the QDISC/CLASESS are tree-structure, but also the FILTERS
are ? What is the purpose of this ?
6. Where can find a good description of the U32 classifier ... mostly all this
HASH'es stuff ? Why ?
7. Is it necessary to have the following structure ?

qdisc --> class --> qdisc ---> class
                           |--> class
Can I have :

qdisc --> class ---> class
                 |--> class

What is the purpose of the first ?
8. What is the purpose of "split" ? I've read about it but can't understand
it !!!

More questions to come when I make some expirimets :")

Thanx alot in advance