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Re: RH6.0&6.1 and diff-serv

raptor@unacs.bg wrote:
> hi,
> Is there someone that succeed in runing diff-services under RH6.0 and/or RH6.1.
> If yes how ?!? HOW!! HOW!!
> After a pure new reinstall, what I saw is that when compiling and installing
> modules (make modules;make modules_install) some of the modules are not copied
> to the /lib/modules/2.2xxx dir.

	Wait a minute... what does the xxx stand for?

	I have tried diffserv on linux 2.2.10. It compiled well (modules and
all). Maybe your problems are because you're NOT using 2.2.10. AFAIK, RH
6.0 uses 2.2.5 and RH 6.1 uses 2.2.12... neither of which is correct.

	I untarred the whole 2.2.10 kernel source, added the patches and then
compiled (just as it says in the help files, BTW).



> (to name few sched,estamator...).
> OK I copied them manually. But now when I try for example.
> modprobe sch_cbq
> I get :
> "couldn't find the kernel version the module was compiled for"
> can't find : sched ...blah..
> tc qdisc add dev eth0 cbq bandwidth 10Mbit avpkt 1000
> still returns :
> RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument
> I'm insane here :"(
> depmod -a, still give's "unresolved symbol(s)"
> I made several hours search on the Internet and still can't find a solution.
> It looks like problem with modules !!
> What is the main module for all diff-serv stuff ?('cause as it seems sch_cbq
> tries to load sched.o module).
> May be something must be added in conf.modules ?!!?
> What linuxes you are using people..?
> Or may be must run shaper.o !!!
> Another question. What load the PPro-200 can handle.
> 10 cbq-classes x 19200bps ?! what is diff-serv
> overhead ?!
> For ex. from LRP-project I know that 486/66Mhz can easly
> handle routing at ~400Kb/s.
> Thanx alot in advance
> =====
> iVAN
> raptor@unacs.bg
> =====