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Re: Linux compatibility

Dhiman Barman escribió:
> I am trying to install iproute2 after compiling linux-2.2.10 on redhat-5.2.
> Although linux is compiled but iproute2 is not getting installed with
> messages like AF_... not declared in netlink.c.
> Is redhat-5.2 the cause of this probblem ?

	First of all... did you install the kernel?

	When I tried to install the 2.2.10 kernel on a RH 5.2, I found got *way
many* errors because the utilities that ship with RH 5.2 are not fit to
work with a 2.2.10 kernel.

	To solve this problem, I had to upgrade to RH 6.0 (I decided to make a
whole new installation, BTW).



> Thanks,
> dhiman