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Re: Port based classifier setup

jamal wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Feb 2000, Panagiotis Stathopoulos wrote:
> > 2)Using ISI's RSVP daemon (which it is said that it can act as a router using
> > Linux traffic control) and RSVP messages to set up MF classification, shapers,
> > markers etc. in a mixed RSVP/DiffServ approach. By the way has anyone tested
> > the above or is he aware of the modifications possibly required?

Jointly with EPFL we (CoRiTeL) have implemented the interworking 
between intserv and diffserv on Linux OS. A demo was shown during
Telecom 99 in Geneva. We have a paper on it submitted to ICC2000.

> There are several efforts to get COPS running with Linux diffserv.
> The most hopeful one seems to be from Coritel in Italy.
> Maybe Stefano can respond.

I don't understand exactly which is the relationship between COPS and
the problem Panagiotis is trying to solve... anyway we are using COPS
to implement a Bandwidth Broker for "resource" admission control 
in the Diffserv domain.

We are going to issue a couple of drafts describing our proposal
hopefully in the next week. 
The status of the code is as follows: the COPS protocol (client side and 
server side) in itself is working. We are working on the interaction of
RSVP daemon and COPS client... we have defined an API to interact with
the COPS client and now modifying the ISI RSVP daemon to use this API.

Best regards,

Stefano Salsano
CoRiTeL - Consorzio di Ricerca sulle Telecomunicazioni
E-mail  : salsano@coritel.it      URL     : http://www.coritel.it
Tel.    : +39 06 20410029         Address : Via di Tor Vergata, 135     
Fax.    : +39 06 20410037                   00133 Roma - ITALY