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Re: Documentation on tc

A good point of reference woulde be the tc READM??? examples at the iproute distribution. Also some helpful examples can be found in the Linux QoS Howto at http://qos.ittc.ukans.edu/.
As for a prior question I made about the new port bind after the client contacting the well known application port, I found out (I imagine that a lot of you already knew) that even if a
new port is used at the server, ip packets have as destination the well known port of the application, and only the server's operating system makes the distiction (netstat & tcpdump shows
that). Anyway the conversation that followed was very helpful and interesting.
Thank you all

Rui Prior wrote:

> > I am struggling with tc in order to create my queues, priorities and so
> > forth. The problem is... I don't know the way in which the different
> > parameters for the different queues work.
> >
> > Is there any documentation on the "tc" command? I've been searching for
> > it but with no success.
> Maybe not exactly what you were looking for, but the "tc" command itself has a good help feature.
> Try, for example:
> tc help
> tc qdisc help
> tc filter help
> ...
> Werner Almesberger has written a document, "Linux Network Traffic Control - Implementation Overview", that may be helpful for you to understand the internals of linux traffic control.
> Rui Prior

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