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Re: Port based classifier setup

On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, Stefano Salsano wrote:

> > There are several efforts to get COPS running with Linux diffserv.
> > The most hopeful one seems to be from Coritel in Italy.
> > Maybe Stefano can respond.
> > 
> I don't understand exactly which is the relationship between COPS and
> the problem Panagiotis is trying to solve... anyway we are using COPS
> to implement a Bandwidth Broker for "resource" admission control 
> in the Diffserv domain.


The following is the relationship i was seeing:

If the app can talk to something that ends up talking to COPS to
do "resource" admission control; then it is feasible to dynamically
up/download some new policy to the router via COPS to inform it of
the new ports on the fly. eg: QoS-FTP selects a new port
to send data on, tells the COPS server through some mechanism (maybe the
RSVP daemon), the COPS server sends policies to the router. On
termination, QoS-FTP tells RSVPd to remove the policy. That info is
propagated all the way to the router(s). 

This of course would be fine for simple topologies but not for very large
multi-path ones (and i suppose it is one reason large scale dynamic
"real-time" Bandwidth brokering is still a pipeline dream).