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Re: Status of ECN linux implementation?

On Sat, 12 Feb 2000, Petri Mattila wrote:

> Hello!
> anybody know the status of the ECN patch for linux?

We did a lot of work in 2.0.32 (the linux code at lbl is buggy; dont ask
me about the 2.0.32 which works because it wont be easy for me to find it
unless you really insist); being lazy, we only recently have a draft on
this at:
(the draft will hopefully be updated if i get time with more experimental
data which i already have from 2.2/3)

I currently have a patch against 2.3.43 which i am trying to bounce off
I can send you the patch; you'll have to send me an ftp address where i
can stash it (my ISP says i have exceeded my quota ;->).

> Last patch I saw had support for RED but not GRED.

It shouldnt be that difficult to extend the red one. If you have time send
a patch.