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QDISC - need explanation :")


Are the diff-serv included in 2.3.x kernels ?

First I've read most of the doc's I found in the Internet about this and still
can get a good picture ... especialy for all the tc options.

Can someone explain me why I may decide to use for example 
TBF against CBQ or some other discipline....
I understand that there is the difference between algorithm used
to queue the packets but for me is not clear why to use one instead other QDISC
(so in the moment I'm making experiments only with CBQ)... I understand nearly
nothing from short desc included in C code...:") 
I even tried to read CBQ draft draft from Sally Floyd the only thing that was
helpful for me was that I understood that Estimator-Interval is the interval
at which CBQ make measurament and Estimator-time-constant the time between the
CBQ enforces the RATE-policy...

Another thing is can someone tell me a good mesurament tool so I can check does
the diff-serv work as expected...(pref. to have Windows version too and to give
me the traffic realtime).
I have tried GetRight & IE .... and as U expect I get  :") very different results..
on Shaping machine "tc -s class ls" looks nearly good, but clients more believe
on things like GetRight :"(...
for.ex. :
GetRight gives speed between 2.8Kbytes/s-5.4Kbytes/s (most of the time 3.3Kbytes/s
not ~4.2Kbytes/s as expected)
when the RATE is 33600, est 2sec 1sec.
IE gives speed closer to the real-one 4200bytes/s(33600) but again the range
is too wide.

Thanx alot in advance