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Re: QDISC - need explanation :")

On Sun, 13 Feb 2000 raptor@unacs.bg wrote:

> hi,
> Are the diff-serv included in 2.3.x kernels ?

Yes. all the kernel >= 2.3.41(?) the latest is 2.3.44

> Can someone explain me why I may decide to use for example 
> TBF against CBQ or some other discipline....
> I understand that there is the difference between algorithm used
> to queue the packets but for me is not clear why to use one instead 
> other QDISC

This depends on what your needs are. I think it is better to understand
the algorithms first then make a call on which scheduler to use. The end
goal of rate shaping + prioritization can be achieved by for example CBQ
alone or a combo of the prio scheduler+TBF; both give you hierachical
schemes. I am afraid that it is probably opening a huge discussion to
talk about the merits of one over the other.
So keep on reading ....... ;-> Unless other people are interested and
will start this discussion on the list.

> Another thing is can someone tell me a good mesurament tool so I can check does
> the diff-serv work as expected...(pref. to have Windows version too and to give
> me the traffic realtime).

Look at Kenjiro Cho's ttt. I believe it compiles cleanly in Linux now i.e
you dont need to hack it; if it doesnt ping me and i might be able to